Around Our Place

A collection of pictures from the past week that didn’t fit into another post.

1-1Cerwin had a TFC truck home for the weekend – so it would as here for the Sunday afternoon truck convoy to honor Elam Martin. (see my Monday post)

1-2It’s the time of year when Cerwin brings out his “red neck” leaf catcher.


4-2I can’t get enough of the skies these days.


3We still have a few pretty flowers.


dsc_8105I am enjoying the beauty of these warm fall days.

2 thoughts on “Around Our Place

  1. Glorious sunsets! And I love the leaf catcher — very creative! Some friends of mine grew seedlings of geraniums each year in Santa Barbara, and took them to their summer home in Seattle, where they grow only to small plants — I always thought that was funny, as they are almost like weeds in Southern California. You have a beautiful geranium there!

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