TFC Prayer Breakfast & Bake Sale

Saturday, October 8

00We (Cerwin, Inge, and me) arrived at Menges Diner about 5:45 am – to get ahead of the breakfast crowd. Inge had been in a truck a time or two for a truck parade, but had never been on a regular ride over the road. We were pleased to help her check that off her bucket list.

0Cerwin waited for Bill Menges to arrive to make sure he was in the right spot.

1We knew that we were in the right area, because Bill had it marked off with chairs and caution tape.

2After getting the chapel set up, we went inside for breakfast. This man was driving by and saw the chapel – and turned around to come see it and talk to the “chaplain” before we left. He didn’t know that we were going to be there until 3 pm. It was fun and encouraging to talk to him.

2a-1Locals bring a variety of baked things for the bake sale to benefit TFC.

2a-2Inge taking a picture of a bake sale sign.


3-1Cerwin bought the pecan pie and a few whoopie pie


dsc_8058A creative cake

The bake sale profit was $600.00. Thank you everyone for all the work that went into that profit.

dsc_8060-001A cute fall decoration outside the restaurant.

dsc_8068Another one


dsc_8078Bill Menges lead the devotional and prayer time in the chapel.

dsc_8081Afterward Inge set up an office in the chapel living quarters while I was at the desk. Cerwin and Bill visited with people who were in the restaurant and at the bake sale.

dsc_8085By 3 pm we were taking the steps down and preparing to travel home.

dsc_8092I sat on the bottom bunk and gave Inge the passenger seat – since I get to sit there fairly often.


dsc_8098We had a short sprinkling of rain as we neared Lancaster County.

dsc_8100After taking the chapel to the TFC headquarters, we stopped to get gas for our RAV4. Cerwin thought he recognized a truck that was parked off to the side of the gas station and drove past it to look at the grill. Sure enough it was the driver who recently stopped at the TFC office and ordered this lighted cross.

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