A Beautiful Rainbow

Friday Evening, October 21

3-1Because of a beautiful evening sky, I walked outside in the rain to get a few pictures.


2After taking this picture, I turned around to walk toward the house and saw a beautiful rainbow.





dsc_8722Then, almost as quickly as it arrived, it was gone. I think it lasted only one or two minutes.

An Amazing Week with Ian, Jared, and Jesse

October 22-30

We have been in charge of caring for these three grandchildren many times during their lifetime, but none of them ever turned out quite like this time. ūüôā

jeres-boys-1I asked the boys (left to right: Jared, Jesse, and Ian) to pose for a picture this morning before church Рto send to their parents who are on a working/vacation in Chile.

jeres-boys-2Cerwin took this one while I was taking a cell phone picture for Jere and Kristen.

jeres-boys-3The early part of the week was fairly routine – like taking them to their house to feed and water the chickens and gather eggs.








jeres-boys-11We enjoyed the flowers Jere brought – along with the boys clothing, food, and schedule on Friday, October 21..



jeres-boys-14Jared and Ian sharpened their hunting skills by shooting BB pellets at pesky squirrels and blackbirds.

jeres-boys-15Jesse works on his reading skills a bit each day.

jeres-boys-16They had a lot of fun with our great-grandson, Anthony, (their cousin-once-removed) on Tuesday evening when Nate and Abby went out for supper with friends.

jeres-boys-17A cell phone picture to send to his grandma Diane in Maine. It is so much fun having him stay with us on occasion. He makes me smile – and sometimes laugh.


jeres-boys-19On Wednesday evening Jesse and I went to Manheim Central Middle School to pick up Ian after band practice. Jesse was playing a game on his Tablet.

jeres-boys-20I enjoyed the sky and fall beauty around me.

jeres-boys-21Band practice is over


jeres-boys-23On Thursday evening Jesse made buttered noodles and hot dogs for supper.

jeres-boys-24Jared created this design with magnets we keep for the children who visit us.


jeres-boys-26Jesse likes to make rows with the dominos.


jeres-boys-28He is quite satisfied with himself when it works and they all fall – like dominos should.

jeres-boys-29Ian likes to make anything he can fry in our new frying pan – eggs, chicken patties, and home fries.

Doesn’t that seem like a fairly ordinary week of caring for young boys?


The unusual part of our week began on Friday evening when we went to church for the beginning of our revival meetings. We went early for the prayer meeting that opened our ten-day series of meetings. Unbeknownst to us, it was during this prayer time that Jared knew it was time for him to make a decision to follow Jesus.

When prayer service was over, we went to the sanctuary and joined the others in singing. During the first song Jesse leaned over to me and whispered – I am feeling in my heart that Jesus wants me to make a decision to follow Him.

Because I wanted to make sure he knew what he was doing, I suggested that we call his parents when we got home from church.

Then when the sermon was over, and the visiting minister requested a song of invitation, Jesse was quite uncomfortable and asked me again if he could stand for Jesus. I told him that was up to him. About that time Jared stood to his feet to publically confess that he wanted to be a follower of Jesus.

Our congregation¬†believes that it is important to¬†make¬†a public decision when responding to the call of God in our lives in order to “put down a stake” in our¬†spiritual journey and tell others about our choice to follow Christ.

When he saw Jared stand to his feet, Jesse was quite uncomfortable, but I suggested that he should wait to talk to his parents. Oh, my, what a decision for a grandma.

jeres-boys-30After we got home they¬†called their parents in Chile – who were anxiously waiting for the call –¬†because Ian had texted them about Jared’s decision. This is when Jere and Kristen were praying with the boys. (I love modern technology.)

Ian made this decision on the same day – four years earlier.

Then I told them about Jesse’s desire to accept Jesus into his heart and told them it had nothing to do with Jared’s decision, but that God’s call to Jesse happened before Jared made his decision public.

They confirmed that Jesse knew what he was doing and encouraged him to publicly invite Christ into his heart.

jeres-boys-31Jesse made his¬†decision to follow Christ this morning during the morning worship service. (I apologize for the blurred cell phone picture. I only took one picture so I wouldn’t disturb the meeting with two of our preachers – Ron and David.)

Ron and David did a fabulous job of asking Jesse to read scripture and confirm his decision to follow Christ. The preachers who talked to Jared – in the same room were David and Jon (no picture). I was also impressed with the way in which they used this time to “put down a stake” in this early part of his walk with¬†Christ.

jeres-boys-32Cerwin took this picture of Jesse responding to one of Ron’s questions. Jared, Ian, and their sister, Jana, were also in the room.


My heart is bursting with joy and gratefulness to God for allowing us to be part of this experience for Jared and Jesse.


Meeting Friends from Canada

Friday, October 21

Our friend June Kuehl called us about a week before she and her daughter Maureen came to Lancaster County¬†on a bus tour – from Ontario, Canada –¬†to see if we could get together.

0Friday lunch worked for them and us. This is a pretty scene from our drive to Kitchen Kettle Village.


2While Cerwin shopped for a new wallet, I looked for photo opps.

2aI was sitting near the buggy rides, so the horses and carriages were of interest to me.



3-1The pretty leaves, berries, and pumpkins also got my attention.








3-9Then we saw their bus and soon noticed them walking toward us.

4June has been a friend of ours through TFC for many years. This was the first time we met Maureen.


6We enjoyed lunch and getting caught up on each others lives.



7-3Thanks, June, for giving us this opportunity by staying in touch.

7-4We saw this beautiful wild turkey just a few miles from home.

7-5Cerwin backed up a bit so I could take these pictures while hanging out the passenger side window. ūüôā


7-7By this time another car and a motorcycle had stopped to watch him.

A Beautiful, Cool, Autumn Morning

Wednesday, October 19

fall-1It’s interesting to look at pictures from a week and a half ago, because the corn was harvested a few days ago. (Stay tuned for pictures of that – probably a week from now.)


fall-3I am thoroughly enjoying these beautiful mornings.




fall-7Even the sky looks cool and beautiful these mornings.

Birthday Supper with Jeff & Chris

Wednesday Evening, October 19

1-1Jeff chose Rooster Street Butcher for his birthday meal.





2This place always makes me feel like I have traveled to Europe.

dsc_8575Our delicious cheese plate appetizer

dsc_8576Chris’ red beet salad and smoked chicken sandwich

dsc_8577I got seasoned fries and red beet salad.

The men both had the steak and fries entree.


dsc_8579Jeff chose a specialty chocolate bar for his dessert.

dsc_8589I loved spending an evening with them.