TFC Chaplain Training School

Tuesday Evening, September 27

1-1This week is Chaplain Training School for TFC. Tuesday evening was the International Staff dinner with the trainees.

1-2Four people in training.

1-3The two on the left are also here for training.

2Cerwin’s and my contribution to the meal was Cheeseburger Soup from Hilltop Acres.

3I also took a dish of tapioca – from Hilltop Acres – a favorite at the office. Inge made sure that none went to waste. 🙂

The man in the background is also here for training. (I have not yet learned their names.) I do know they came from Florida, Canada, and Pennsylvania.

PS: If you are interested in the names, Inge added the names in her comment. 🙂

2 thoughts on “TFC Chaplain Training School

  1. Just FYI; On the 2nd photo, it’s Dewey Strauss (Wildwood, FL) in the red shirt, Diane and Richard Olver next to him (from the Pittsburgh area) and next to Richard is Michael Sears (from Toronto, is moving to Calgary because we need a chaplain there). On the 3rd photo, it’s Betty and Don Stanton (Ocala, FL); Don is also the one behind me in the last photo.

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