Feeling Techie Tonight

I just got a Fitbit Charge 2

dsc_7965However, I didn’t feel very techie as I watched Jere setting it up for me.

I would probably still be trying to set it up and connect it to my laptop and cell phone at this time next week if I had to do that part. πŸ™‚ It is charging right now, so I won’t get many steps in today.Β Thanks, Jere.

There are so many things I can do with it, but for now I want the challenge of tracking my steps each day.

6 thoughts on “Feeling Techie Tonight

  1. Welcome to the Fitbit world! Hope you enjoy your Charge 2 as much as I enjoy my Fitbit One. And you’ll find out it’s way easier than you may think at first. Now I wonder if you will be as obsessive as I got, about getting that daily completion star… πŸ™‚

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