Celebrating Jere’s Birthday

Friday Evening, September 23

I understand that Jere’s children planned this party for him, and Kristen fulfilled their wishes and invited us to join the fun.

dsc_7601Supper at Pizza Hut…

dsc_7602…and a movie at Penn Cinema

dsc_7607I couldn’t get these guys to stop talking as I took a quick picture – so this is what I got. I think Jana and Deb are related. 🙂

dsc_7608-001Since they posed nicely – I got a close up. They were having fun with their children.

dsc_7609Good pose, Deb. Jesse and Jared were more interested in the previews, eating candy, and drinking a slushy.

dsc_7610Josh, Allie, Jana, and her friend Leah

dsc_7604What a fun, silly movie. My favorite was the cute babies.

Now Jere knows how he was born. 🙂

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