Day 3 in New Caney, Texas

Friday, September 16, 2016

dsc_6061Cerwin and Dwayne went to the chapel early and helped the local men set up the chapel. By the time Doug, Ellen, and I got there this is what it looked like.

dsc_6063A pastor friend of the New Caney ministry team, David Lino (dark blue shirt) stopped in to see the chapel. I loved his British accent and thought maybe his birth country was Australia. However, he said he grew up in a British speaking area of Africa.

dsc_6064Cerwin, David, and his son were hooking up the TV and computer for worship on Saturday and Sunday.

dsc_6068Pastor Lino was asked to pray for the chapel, staff, and activities in the next few days.

dsc_6075Pastor Dennis presented the New Caney and TFC staff with nice shirts.


dsc_6079Pastor Dennis and his wife treated everyone to supper at the Fish Pond Restaurant in Willis, Texas.

dsc_6081He promised us a unique atmosphere, and we weren’t disappointed.

dsc_6082I enjoy unique restaurants, so loved this place.





dsc_6101Cerwin’s steak

dsc_6105The best catfish sandwich I have ever eaten.

dsc_6084It feels like we have know these Texas people forever, yet we only met them a few days ago. It was especially fun to meet Chaplain Don’s wife, Barbara, (pink blouse) after corresponding with her for the past half year.


dsc_6089We could have visited much longer, but soon it was time to move on. They were taking us to another place for dessert.

dsc_6108What fun! Choose a bowl. Fill it with your favorite flavor or flavors of yogurt. Choose toppings – from lots of toppings. Weigh it. Pay for it.

Me: I like to stick with something simple and close to the same flavor. Mango yogurt. Tiny mango flavored balls – similar to fish eye tapioca. Real mango chunks. I am still delighting in the flavor of mango in my mouth.

dsc_6110The chapel cross was beauty to our eyes when we got back to the Flying J parking lot.

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