Delivering the Houston Chapel – Day 2

Tuesday, September 13 – Knoxville, Tennessee, to Texarkana, Arkansas

9-13-16-3Our view out the front window when we went to bed last night – the fuel island.

9-13-16-4My office in the bottom bunk.

9-13-16-8My power source for the computer, Nook, and cell phone.

9-13-16-9Cerwin reading his Daily Bread this morning.

9-13-16-18Nashville traffic


9-13-16-24We are taking RT 40 to Memphis

9-13-16-28Looking at Nashville with the sunrise in the background.

9-13-16-49My in-truck office – Nook, cell phone, stylus pen (red), lighted pen (I use it to write when it is dark), and morning coffee. I don’t keep my coffee cup on the dash, but put it there so everything was together for this picture. Of course my camera is always nearby.


9-13-16-64Leaving Tennessee




9-13-16-78I would not like this job.

9-13-16-80A soybean field

9-13-16-82Building a cell phone tower. I think the crop is rice, but I haven’t been able to confirm that. It was some kind of grain that I did not recognize. We saw them harvesting it in another field.

9-13-16-84Do you see a puppy eating cotton candy? 🙂

The clouds were pretty today.

9-13-16-94Then we had a light rain shower.

There was a much heavier rain while we were eating supper at the Flying J near Texarkana, Arkansas.

9-13-16-102Cerwin doing his paperwork for the day.

Tomorrow – Houston!

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