Delivering a Chapel to Houston – Day 1

Monday, September 12 – Marietta, Pennsylvania, to Knoxville, Tennessee

1-1We went to bed early last night – because our alarm would be blaring its wake-up call at 3 AM. – but not before seeing the beautiful sunset.

1-2Ready to leave – 5 am Monday morning.

We were only on the road a short time when we went through a local town and a man on the sidewalk stopped, looked at our rig and made the sign of the cross. We received the blessing. 🙂

1-3I love to see these crosses along the road. They make me feel blessed to live in a country where they can still be displayed.

2Pulling into Love’s Truck Stop in Tom’s Brook, Virginia, for breakfast.

3We talked to the driver of this bus who said he was going to be in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, later this week – with two state capital stops before that.

4We were only on the road a short time when we were blessed by the wording on this bus.

5-1Still feeling blessed.

5-2Beautiful Virginia scenery

5-3Another reminder of God’s love

5-6Our second stop was a rest stop in Virginia.

5-8When I see something like this – that looks like a combination of trees and weeds – I like to get closer to find the beauty.



5-12Do you see the ant?


5-7The last time we were in this area, the leaves were new and green. Now it is easy to see that autumn is just around the corner.


5-13We went through three weigh stations. No problems for us because a chapel isn’t carrying a heavy load. 🙂

5-14Beautiful Tennessee scenery

5-15A trailer load of pumpkins

5-16Another sign of fall.

5-17We arrived at the Knoxville truck stop (background) about 3:15 pm. Perfect timing for Cerwin. He likes to get a parking spot while there are still parking choices. Truck stops fill up in the late evenings.


5-19Chaplain Hank saw Cerwin at the fuel desk (paying for fuel) and brought him back to the chapel.


7-1This chapel has been here for a long time, and is nestled in the trees next to the truck stop.



8-1We had a great evening of fellowship – and supper – with Hank.


8-3Now, as I type this last sentence it is 4:30 am on Tuesday and we are just about ready to pull out onto the road again. Destination today is someplace in western Arkansas – Cerwin said, “probably Texarkana.”

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