4 thoughts on “Lean Yourself Upon Him

  1. Thanks for this one, Doris. I needed to read it. I am having a tough time leaning on the Lord right now. Major family issues. One daughter and son-in-law angry at us, and will not allow us to see their 5 children. It has been soooooo long now, that sometimes I feel like I will not mentally make it through this; waiting on God to work in all of our lives.

    • Oh, wow! That must be so difficult. It is difficult to wait on the Lord and know what to do – or not do. We’ve had issues now and then, but so far not with us. It was difficult for our other children when Deb got a divorce, and the other year Josh was messing with drugs – that caused a few issues with siblings, but they are working that out and Josh is doing well. Pray for us too. There is always something happening in families. Satan is certainly alive and well.

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