Update on the TFC Chapel Construction

Friday, August 26

1 8-26-16 (1)Glenn shaping the Formica countertop for the chapel area – right inside the main entrance.

1 8-26-16 (2)Our grandson Josiah stopped in to help.

Cerwin gave him the job of filling in the nail holes with putty.

1 8-26-16 (3)Cerwin said he puttied a bunch of them.

Thanks, Josiah.

1 8-26-16 (4)Cerwin installing chair railing.


Saturday, August 27

2 8-27-16 (16)Cerwin and our grandson Josh discuss attaching the reflective tape.

8-27-16 (10)Cerwin did a bit of it, but Josh attached 90% of the tape that went around the chapel.

8-27-16 (12)Thanks, Josh.


Monday, August 29

8-29-16 (1)Cerwin took the trailer to Eckert’s in the early morning – for lettering. This is the main entrance side after it was finished.

8-29-16 (6)Back at the shop by evening. This is the emergency exit or back side of the chapel.


Tuesday, August 30

8-30-16 (1)A finishing touch to the exterior of the chapel is painting the roof. Cerwin paints it white to reflect heat – which saves wear and tear on the air conditioning.

8-30-16 (3)

8-30-16 (4)


Wednesday, August 31

8-31-16 (1)The interior of the chapel area before crown molding and flooring.

8-31-16 (2)Ken came on Wednesday evening to install the crown molding.

8-31-16 (3)Cerwin said it would take him a day to do what Ken does in an evening.


Thursday, September 1

9-1-16 (1)A Stiegel Valley Flooring employee installing the living quarters carpet.

9-1-16 (2)The chapel area after the vinyl flooring was installed.


Saturday, September 3

9-3-16 (1)Josh was back to help with a few finishing touches. In this photo he is staining the base deck to the steps.

9-3-16 (2)Installing baseboard.

9-3-16 (4)

9-3-16 (5)This is pretty much what it looks like this evening.

Cerwin is on the final countdown before preparing the chapel for travel to Houston. He and Glenn will do that on Wednesday when chairs, steps, and other interior items are loaded. Tomorrow they are loading the Laz-E-Boy chair and sofa bed and doing other odds and ends. On Friday he will fuel the truck and we will load some of our personal items.

This weekend we plan to enjoy a mini-vacation that was given to us by our children – three days of attending a series of gospel concerts in nearby Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Our planned departure date is Monday morning, September 12 and, Lord willing, we will arrive at the Flying J near Houston on Wednesday, September 14.

We are excited!

Pray for us as we try to get everything done this week.

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  1. My goodness — so many small details! I’m sure you’ll get everything done, and have a great mini-vacation before you go to Houston. Keep at it, but be safe!

  2. What a beautiful job they do with those trailers! Can’t wait to see your posts regarding the gospel concerts in Hershey — The Collingsworth Family — one of my favorite groups, will be there — enjoy!

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