A Lesson from Fighting Hummingbirds

This morning I watched a pair of hummingbirds fight over the sweet syrup I have in one of our five feeders.

1 (1)As soon as one got near the feeder, the other chased it away. I couldn’t tell if one was the aggressor (as often happens) or if both were being selfish.

Because they fly and swoop so quickly, I never did get a shot with both in the same picture.

1 (4)They fought for a full fifteen minutes – never letting the other one at the syrup.

I would have liked to tell them to share – that there is enough syrup for both of them because there are four other feeders and each is filled with fresh syrup. 🙂

PS: I am writing this eight hours after taking these pictures – and they are back at it again. 🙂

Both will starve if they keep this up.

1 (2)As I watched them, I thought about the many times Christians do the same thing – fight over a spiritual matter – even though there is enough “sweet stuff” for everyone.

Psalm 119:113 reminds us that God’s Word and its teachings are sweeter than honey.

There is enough for each of us, but when we fight, no one is feasting on the sweet Word of God.

Could that be part of the reason why there is great spiritual starvation in our nation and in the world – because of selfishness and fighting within the Church.

DSC_5599I smiled when I saw this one on a high branch – waiting for the other – to make sure it wouldn’t take its syrup. However, the entire time it sat here it could not take in the fresh, sweet syrup that I put out yesterday.

How many times do people (including me) do that? Sit self-righteously – from what we think is a high place – looking down on those we do not understand – those who make mistakes or even blatantly sin.

How much of God’s sweet nectar (His Word) do we miss because our attitude is feasting on anger, selfishness, or jealously?

DSC_5572Then I saw something that made me smile. While those two fought over the syrup in one feeder, this one peacefully drank from another.

Selfish, controlling Christians can starve spiritually while others are peacefully drinking in God’s Word.

DSC_5594Then I noticed another feeder – something of another species.

Could this represent a Christian from another denomination or country – someone who looks and thinks differently than you or me.  Maybe it’s someone with whom we strongly disagree. Consider that this person may be taking in the sweet Word of God while you or I sit in a self-righteous high place – starving spiritually – while trying to be in control.


I love when God teaches me lessons from nature.

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