Our Two-Plant Garden

Tuesday, August 16

Garden (1)Well, actually, there are more than two because of the garden tea (background).

I cut the tea about two weeks ago, so it is just beginning to grow back.

Garden (2)I know – many of you are already harvesting juicy red tomatoes, but I was late in planting ours and we have more shade than most gardens.

Garden (3)I am pleased to see healthy, maturing tomatoes that will be red and delicious before long.

Garden (4)

Garden (5)It looks like there will be many more.

Garden (6)

Garden (7)

Garden (8)We also have a climbing cucumber that got a bad start, but plant fertilizer soon kicked in and it began flourishing.

Garden (9)

Garden (10)

Garden (11)

Garden (12)The tendrils fascinate me. How do they know to do that?

Garden (13)About two hours after taking my garden pictures this happened.

It was a delightful rain – and great for our little garden.

2 thoughts on “Our Two-Plant Garden

  1. I was in Santa Barbara last week — there’s a little green, but it’s mostly brown there these days as people conserve water! There’s a nasty fire burning in the mountains behind the town — the Rey Fire — it’s burning into wilderness, so is being allowed to burn as long as the winds don’t change. I’ll post soom, but this little bit of rain is wonderful to see, even so far away!

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