Supper With Reuben & Judi

Wednesday, August 10

1Reuben and Judi (our niece) were in the area for the adoption of their little guy, so Jere and Kristen invited them and us for supper.

DSC_4427Colt and their little miss were fascinated with each other – as long as they were on opposite sides of the door. ūüôā


DSC_4434Little miss fell “in love’ with Josh when they stayed with us several times during the past two years and¬†loves when he spends time with¬†her.

DSC_4435The little guy joined them.


DSC_4444When they were finished with the reading Josh entertained them with a red laser light.

DSC_4445He kept trying to stomp on it. She tried to catch it too,¬†but I didn’t get a picture of her.


It was great to see Reuben and Judi’s family. Tomorrow night I will post the adoption pictures.

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