Busy Weekend

Our Amish friends the Smucker’s came to visit on Saturday.

2We planned to eat and visit at the pavilion, but there was a period between noon and 3 pm when thunderstorms were predicted, so we prepared the garage for seating 46 people for lunch.

A storm never did arrive, but it worked out nice to be in our garage and yard. Our family prepared the hot food and the Smucker’s brought salads and desserts. I was busy during lunch and didn’t think about taking pictures.

2aI took just one picture to document the day – knowing that photos are not a favorite of the Amish. In this picture Jere and Kristen were teaching some of the children how to play yard Jenga and another game with balls in a cage – similar to Jenga. Jere and Kristen designed these games.

We had a fabulous day with them. Amos and Linda have 7 children we have 4. We began visiting 48 years ago when Anna and Diane were 2. Our Diane turned 50 on January 1 and their Anna will be 50 in a few days. In those early days there were 15 of us. Today we probably number more than 70. I think there were 46 or 47 here on Saturday, and 12 of ours were missing. I expect those missing from the Smucker’s were twice that number. We each have married grandchildren and there are several great-grandchildren.

Drivers brought them from New Holland, Millersburg, Loysville, and Holtwood – all in Pennsylvania.

We missed Amos (the father) who died several years ago. He and Cerwin met when they were in their late teens or early 20s. The next generation – our children and theirs – shared some fun memories on Saturday from summers spent at each others house when they were young children.


On Sunday evening we prepared the pavilion for our Sunday school class picnic.

1It was a calm, warm, pleasant evening.

3 (1)Members of our class signed up for specific food items.

3 (2)There were 26 of us – which included one of our teachers and his family.

DSC_3743This little guy was contemplating having dessert first. 🙂

DSC_3746It was nice to visit and catch up on each others lives.

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