This is Why We Are Only Seeing Rooftops These Days

Corn (6)It’s the time of year when we are closed in with corn fields – and I love it.

Corn (1)

Corn (2)I have a better view from our patio than from the previous one which was from our yard.

Corn (3)The past two weeks have been a great mix for growing corn – heat and rain.

Corn (4)This is what I see if I stand on the road in front of our house – facing south.

Corn (5)I stood next to this corn below our yard and reached as high as I could – there was still another two or three feet above my hand – and I am 5′ 7-1/2″ with a reach that is 6′ 8″.

Corn (7)

Corn (8)The silk in each of the three fields is in varying stages of maturity.

The silk below our yard is green.

Corn (9)Across the road from it, the silk is turning purple.

Those two are my brothers’ fields.

Corn (10)The neighbor’s field across the road from our house is much darker brown.

The maturity has something to do with the time it was planted – also the breed of corn. Some breeds have shorter seasons than others.

Corn (11)It doesn’t seem that long ago that we began seeing yellow/green tassels – now some fields are turning brown as well.

Corn (12)

Corn (13)Summer wouldn’t feel like summer without corn in the fields that surround our house.

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  1. Is sweet corn a different variety, or is it just grown differently? As a city girl, believe it or not, I’ve never seen fields of corn like those in your post!

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