Samson at Sight & Sound

Saturday evening, July 30

DSC_3588This is the crew that we took to Sight & Sound for their 2016 birthday. Those who chose this for their gift: Josh, Nathaniel, and Jere. We owed Josh and Jere a meal for some work they did for us, so included a stop at Outback.

Notice the waiter in the background looking at us. He is a photographer and offered to take a picture that included me. How nice of him.

DSC_3589Left to right: Allie, Josh, Nathaniel, Abby, Jere, Kristen, me, and Cerwin.

DSC_3592It was difficult to get a picture next to Samson in the entrance area because of the crowd, but I managed this one.

DSC_3593Photos cannot be taken during the production, so I took a few before it began.

DSC_3596A few actors had a bit of fun preparing us for the story of Samson.




DSC_3604This was the final introduction before we saw Scene 1.

It was an amazing production of the Bible story from Judges in the Old Testament.

It was an amazing evening – especially at the end when Samson pushed over the pillars of the house and the entire stage seemed to collapse.

I’m glad that we get to see it another time, because it did not suit Dustan and Jenna on this night.

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  1. We saw that production in May on our way to Cape May, NJ for vacation and thought it was wonderful –so much talent and the scenes were unbelievable especially the last scene when Samson pushed over the pillars of the house!

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