A Variety of Summer Happenings

The last week of July


July 22

7-22 (1)I’d rather see a hummingbird.

7-22 (2A)Hey, squirrel that is my chair.

7-22 (3)It is so warm these days that the suet is melting.


July 25

7-25 1A rain like this in summertime makes farmers smile.

7-25 2

7-25 3It also makes our flowers smile.

7-25 4The sun is shinning and it’s still raining – a sure mix to create a rainbow.

7-25 5 (2)

7-25 3AAbove our house.

7-25 6I had to walk down the road to get a better view.

7-25 7

7-25-16 (9)


July 27

7-27 A (2)Sunset



July 29

7-29 (1)Breakfast

I love having fresh, local fruit for breakfast. There is no better way to eat fruit than when it has never been in a refrigerator.

4 thoughts on “A Variety of Summer Happenings

  1. I think I’d rather feed a hummingbird than a wasp! I love the shots of the rain — particularly those through the trees — and how nice to catch the rainbow!

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