Taking the TFC International Chapel to Allensville Mennonite Church

Sunday, July 17

DSC_2996It was a beautiful Sunday morning and a scenic drive from Marietta to Belleville.








DSC_3030We arrived in the Big Valley area about 8 AM.


DSC_3029I had heard about yellow Amish buggies, but had never seen one.

DSC_3036There were also Amish in black buggies going to church.

DSC_3040I understand the yellow buggy Amish are called Byler Amish and those with black buggies are Peachey or Renno Amish.

DSC_3047I couldn’t find a reason for the different colors, but the two groups do have some beliefs and practices that are different from each other.








DSC_3077We arrived at the church about 8:20 AM.

DSC_3074Several more buggies passed the chapel as I waited for Cerwin to park.


DSC_3090Chaplain Chris arrived just behind us. He left from the Harrisburg area.

The invitation to speak was for him – along with an invitation for Cerwin to bring the International Chapel.

DSC_3092We were set up and ready by the time people began arriving.

DSC_3098Chris speaking at their morning worship service which begins at 9:15 AM. Their Sunday school begins at 10:40 AM.

We had visitors in the chapel between the worship service and Sunday school, and after Sunday school ended.

We were surprised to meet the son of friends of ours (Norm and Wilda). He didn’t think he had been inside a chapel since he was a boy – and that was when we had benches. 🙂 We also connected with a few other people who had friends or family in Lancaster County.

Then it was time to prepare the interior of the chapel for travel and put the steps in their bins.

DSC_3104It looks like Amish church is over too.



DSC_3111Because I didn’t have anything to do as we drove home, I looked for designs in the clouds.

DSC_3115That’s when I found this cloud with sunglasses. Most of you will remember that I posted this on the 17th, but I decided to post it again for anyone who missed it.

It was a nice relaxing Sunday. We were home again by early evening.

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  1. The countryside in this post is some of the prettiest you’ve posted! How interesting, too, about the yellow buggies — they seem to be prevalent in this area.

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