A Morning With Jesse

Thursday, July 14

7-14-16a (6)Everybody in his house was working, so Jesse got to spend a morning with me. I love that, because he is our only grandchild who isn’t old enough to stay at home by himself – so he is the only one who needs me now and then. 🙂

He spent the first hour racing on the X-Box while I did my morning clean up.

7-14-16a (7)Then we went to work in my office. I had him go through the leftover donation envelopes and cards from the Truck Rally and make sure each envelope had a card inserted and was stacked neatly.

7-14-16a (9)Then he counted two stacks of 25 and weighed them on my postage scale and came up with a weight for 100. After that he would weight them by hundreds. Now we have three boxes of 300 ready for next year’s truck rally. 🙂

7-14-16a (13)After he finished that job he wrote a note on back of a damaged donation card and handed it to me. 🙂

7-14-16a (18)Then he wanted to play darts in Grandpa’s workshop – next to my office.

7-14-16a (20)

7-14-16a (19)

7-14-16a (15)Oops, it looks like one missed the dart board. 🙂

7-14-16b (2)It was a mutual agreement that we had earned an early lunch at McDonalds.

7-14-16b (5)He got chocolate chip pancakes.

7-14-16b (6)I needed some suet for our birds, so stopped at G & G Feed and Supply on the way home to purchase some and say hi to our granddaughter Diana who works there. She kindly took time to go with Jesse to visit the in-store rabbit.

It was a great morning. Then his mother came for him – when she was finished working – and I went back to my office – all by myself – without our sweet Jesse.

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  1. It won’t be long before Jesse can stay home alone. But for now, he does great work for you, and it must be fun to have him with you once in a while!

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