Construction Update on the Chapel for Houston, Texas

7-5-16 (1)July 5 – Glenn finishing work on the paneling.

7-13-16 (1)July 13 – beginning the installation of living quarter cabinets.

7-13-16 (2)

7-13-16 (3)

7-13-16 (4)

7-14-16B (1)July 14 – More cabinet work

7-14-16B (2)

7-21-16 (2)July 21 – This is what the living quarters looked like yesterday.

7-21-16 (4)

7-21-16 (3)The chapel area

7-21-16 (5)The next step is to paint and letter the exterior.

It goes to Merv Zimmerman’s for sand and glass blasting on Tuesday. When that is finished, Cerwin will take it to Trans Equipment for painting, then to Eckert’s Signs for lettering.

Everything is still on target for delivery to Texas in mid-September. 🙂

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