Good Old Summertime

1 (1)I was surprised to see a rabbit on our patio. I rarely seen one in our yard – especially near the house.

1 (2)

1 (3)Corn fields across the road from our yard.

1 (4)

2 (1)A mushroom in one of our flower beds.

2 (2)Does anyone know what kind it is. I could not find a similar one when I googled Pennsylvania mushrooms.

2 (3)

2 (4)

2 (5)

3The crepe myrtle bush is just beginning to bloom.

4 (1)

4 (2)

4 (3)The ferns at the back of our property are lush and green.

4 (4)

5 (1)Our gooseneck loosestrife flowers are in full bloom in our memory garden.

5 (2)

6 (1)

6 (2)

6 (3)This is the first year that I have ever been successful in raising gerbera daisies. I have tried a variety of locations in our flower beds, and thought this spot right in front of our house would be to hot and sunny, but it is working.

I am loving the good old summertime of 2016.

4 thoughts on “Good Old Summertime

  1. I love the rabbit in your yard! Do you often have wild animals other than birds? Wonderful flowers, and I love that mushroom, though I have no idea what it is (don’t eat it till you know it’s safe!). Happy summertime 2016!

    • I don’t think I could ever eat a mushroom that I found in our yard. 🙂 There are deer in our area, but we rarely see them in our yard. On occasion We see raccoons, skunks, groundhogs, rabbits, turtles, and pheasants.

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