Truck Rally #1

Saturday, June 25

I am going to post a few pictures here, but most of them will be on my Facebook page.

7 (1)My camera was working okay during the first hour, then I noticed strange lines and red markings on the pictures.

I was disappointed that the sensor chose this day to go bad. Consequently you will see some photos with strange, vertical lines and red blotchy markings.

7 (5)It was fun watching the Dutch Valley trucks arrive from three different directions at the same time. Most came from the north and east, then I saw another arriving from the south.

7 (19)

7 (20)

7 (28)If you look closely, you can see the vertical lines on this picture of our son Jeff’s antique pickup truck.

7 (48)

7 (52)

7 (70)

7 (89)

7 (93)Our grandson-in-law, Nathaniel, Abby, and Anthony arriving.

7 (115)

7 (118)Lining up for the 11 AM parade

7 (119)Cerwin lead the parade with the International Chapel.

7 (123)Kyrel Rissler taking pictures with his drone camera.

7 (125)

7 (133)I have a “thing” for these old trucks that have not been restored.

7 (137)

7 (158)A wide view of a truck leaving the fairgrounds.

7 (182)

7 (206)If you like to see trucks, go to my Facebook page – Doris Jean High – where I have downloaded the first half of my pictures.

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