Need Your Lawn Mowed?

July 21

Jere called to see if we wanted to come over to see Ian’s new purchase.

DSC_3199A farm lane between us and Jere’s.

I love country life.

1 (1)Cerwin checking out Ian’s new mower.

1 (2)If you live in our area – Penryn/Manheim, PA – and could use help with your yard, our grandson Ian is the one to call. 🙂

He is a good and faithful worker.


Back home again.

DSC_3195I wonder what it is looking at.

DSC_3197Seeing a dove reminds me of peace.

Breakfast & Pampering ~ With My Sister

Wednesday, July 20

Nancy (1)It was a perfect morning to have a late breakfast outside at Tomato Pie Café in Lititz.

This was my birthday gift to Nancy.

Nancy (2)Our fruit drinks – with soda. I think Nancy’s was peach. Mine was blueberry.

Nancy (3)Our Tomato Pie breakfast. We liked this, but prefer the actual slice of tomato pie.

Nancy (4)We timed our late breakfast to coordinate with a pedicure appointment at Pure Joy.

This was a birthday gift to Nancy from her girls. They asked If I would go along, because she had never had a pedicure. You don’t have to ask me twice to go along for a pedicure. 🙂

Nancy (5)This was my first time at Pure Joy.

There are only two chairs, so it was delightful for two people.

I loved the atmosphere. We talked about mission trips and serving God.

Nancy 6The entrance wall gives you an idea of the purpose statement of this business.


Nancy and I decided that we might include pedicures in our annual birthday breakfasts. 🙂

Taking the TFC International Chapel to Allensville Mennonite Church

Sunday, July 17

DSC_2996It was a beautiful Sunday morning and a scenic drive from Marietta to Belleville.








DSC_3030We arrived in the Big Valley area about 8 AM.


DSC_3029I had heard about yellow Amish buggies, but had never seen one.

DSC_3036There were also Amish in black buggies going to church.

DSC_3040I understand the yellow buggy Amish are called Byler Amish and those with black buggies are Peachey or Renno Amish.

DSC_3047I couldn’t find a reason for the different colors, but the two groups do have some beliefs and practices that are different from each other.








DSC_3077We arrived at the church about 8:20 AM.

DSC_3074Several more buggies passed the chapel as I waited for Cerwin to park.


DSC_3090Chaplain Chris arrived just behind us. He left from the Harrisburg area.

The invitation to speak was for him – along with an invitation for Cerwin to bring the International Chapel.

DSC_3092We were set up and ready by the time people began arriving.

DSC_3098Chris speaking at their morning worship service which begins at 9:15 AM. Their Sunday school begins at 10:40 AM.

We had visitors in the chapel between the worship service and Sunday school, and after Sunday school ended.

We were surprised to meet the son of friends of ours (Norm and Wilda). He didn’t think he had been inside a chapel since he was a boy – and that was when we had benches. 🙂 We also connected with a few other people who had friends or family in Lancaster County.

Then it was time to prepare the interior of the chapel for travel and put the steps in their bins.

DSC_3104It looks like Amish church is over too.



DSC_3111Because I didn’t have anything to do as we drove home, I looked for designs in the clouds.

DSC_3115That’s when I found this cloud with sunglasses. Most of you will remember that I posted this on the 17th, but I decided to post it again for anyone who missed it.

It was a nice relaxing Sunday. We were home again by early evening.

Silver Spring Baptist Church Community Picnic

Saturday evening, July 16

Silver Spring Baptist (1)

Silver Spring Baptist (2)This evening was planned as a community outreach.

Silver Spring Baptist (3)This was an easy trip, as the church is only about five miles from TFC’s International Office.

Silver Spring Baptist (4)This guy was having fun with a traffic cone.

It really did work as a megaphone. 🙂

Silver Spring Baptist (5)

Silver Spring Baptist (6)I think this picture will work well for a morning Bible verse one of these days.

Silver Spring Baptist (7)Everyone was invited inside for a gospel music program.

Silver Spring Baptist (8)

Silver Spring Baptist (9)The pastor (standing on the right) had prayer for the group after they sang their last song.

Silver Spring Baptist (10)The barrel train was a neat attraction for the children.

Silver Spring Baptist (18)

Silver Spring Baptist (19)Not everyone who rode the train was young. 🙂

I loved watching these two.

Silver Spring Baptist (11)This car was an attraction for those who like to see racing vehicles.

The food tent was behind the car. The food was free to everyone – hamburgers, hot dogs and lots of other picnic-style items.

Silver Spring Baptist (12)Many of the men and boys – and a few women and girls – tried to “ring the bell” on this game.

Silver Spring Baptist (13)

Silver Spring Baptist (17)

Silver Spring Baptist (14)I kept seeing children in wet bathing suits and thought maybe this had water at the bottom, but it was a normal bounce house slide.

Silver Spring Baptist (15)Then I walked a bit farther and saw how they were getting wet.

Silver Spring Baptist (16)

Silver Spring Baptist (23)It was a beautiful evening – with a beautiful view from the chapel steps.

Silver Spring Baptist (24)We enjoyed meeting new people and telling them about Transport For Christ, and praying with one man who was feeling stressed.

Many had seen this chapel – parked at the office – but had never been inside.

The church also had an information and prayer table next to the food tent.

We had a great visit with the pastor and were impressed by his concern for the souls of people – especially in this neighborhood.

One of the Ever-Changing Days of Summer

DSC_2896Three squirrels!

Now I know why the bird feeders are being emptied so quickly.

DSC_2898Debbie, do you need any more pets!

DSC_3122When I noticed that rain was coming, I went outside with my camera and was surprised to be standing in sunshine and hearing the pelting of rain on my brothers’ barn roof just a quarter mile away.


DSC_3130The rain is coming across the cornfield.


DSC_3143It was interesting to be standing in rain and seeing a bright sky in the east.


DSC_3147Then it was over – just like a large rotating sprinkler had gone through our woodlot.







DSC_3118I have seen hummingbirds all summer but have rarely gotten a photo of them.

DSC_3117A male

DSC_3168A female

DSC_3170One of the beautiful, ever-changing days of summer.