Representing TFC at Slate Hill Mennonite Fun Fest

Saturday evening, June 4

DSC_4074Crossing the Susquehanna



DSC_4084Giving Cerwin directions for parking

DSC_4086Supper is looking – and smelling – good


DSC_4091Cerwin hanging the “open” sign

DSC_4097Prayer for the evening

DSC_4100Their bus and a school bus were kept busy bringing people to the fest. Because they needed their parking lot for activities, people parked at a neighboring church.

DSC_4103Other ministries were set up across the lot from us and ready for visitors.



DSC_4108Children – and their parents or friends – enjoyed the garden tractor train.

DSC_4110There was a light drizzle most of the evening, bringing out umbrellas.

DSC_4113There was a firetruck behind us with volunteers giving plastic fire hats to the children.

DSC_4116The arrival of the petting zoo was a great attraction.









DSC_4131Supper is ready

DSC_4133Cerwin chose a hot dog and popcorn

DSC_4135I chose the chicken and potato salad – and some fruit.

There was no charge for anyone.

DSC_4141After supper and visiting with several people who came to see the chapel, I walked around the perimeter of the church to see what else was going on.

Cerwin stayed on the chapel to tell our visitors about Transport For Christ.

DSC_4142There were lots of children’s activities.

DSC_4145I had never seen “flyswatter bubbles.”

DSC_4146The children held the flyswatter over the air conditioner. 🙂

DSC_4147I expect that window needed hosed down after being covered with the bubble mixture. 🙂


DSC_4157Face painting

DSC_4163Water pistol race




DSC_4173That was my walk around the perimeter of the church. I am now back to the petting zoo.

DSC_4174My view of the activities from the chapel steps.

DSC_4179Shortly after getting back to the chapel we met Dean and Mindy. They are from California and quit their jobs at the end of 2015 to spend 2016 traveling through every state in the United States – that’s one week in every state, plus two weeks to spare.

This was their week in Pennsylvania. They learned about TFC when they stopped at the Flying J at Frystown and saw our chapel. While there they learned about the Fun Fest at Slate Hill Mennonite – which was advertised in the June Highway News and Good News.

Since they are trying to visit as many churches as possible, they decided to take in the Fun Fest.

They are blogging about their experiences, and this is their take on the evening:


DSC_4186I left the chapel again about dark to see the Japanese Lanterns that were being lit in the cemetery on the other side of the church.




DSC_4195The congregation sang hymns while the lanterns lifted into the evening sky.



DSC_4219While Cerwin parked the chapel in its spot at the International Office, I watched a toad…

DSC_4204…capture a critter of the night.

DSC_4211Just like that it was gone.

DSC_4215So ended our delightful evening.

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