Field & Garden

May 21 to June 3

Birds and Flowers (1)This beautiful Ring-necked Pheasant was in a neighboring field when we returned to our house following Jared and Chelsey’s wedding.

Birds and Flowers (2)

Birds and Flowers (3)The next morning – on the way to Sunday school – there was a Trumpeter Swan in the field across from us.

I am not sure that I ever saw one by itself, but when I looked at these pictures I think it may have an injured wing.

Birds and Flowers (4)Notice the drop of its left wing.

Birds and Flowers (5)The next day I enjoyed watching this European Starling taking a morning bath.

Birds and Flowers (6)

Birds and Flowers (7)

Birds and Flowers (8)

Birds and Flowers (9)

Birds and Flowers (10)

Birds and Flowers (11)

Birds and Flowers (12)One morning while enjoying the beauty of our woods and yard, I picked a few flowers.

Look at the difference in these two pictures – with the difference in settings.

Birds and Flowers (13)

DSC_3732In the next week or so we saw a pheasant in the next door field or in our yard.

DSC_4029I wonder if it is the same one or if there are several in our area.



DSC_4051They have quite a regal stance when they are on alert.


We are blessed by lots of beauty in our yard and neighboring fields.

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  1. Pheasants in your fields — oh my!!! I love the contrast between the two like shots — you lowered a shade, and the flowers came to life!

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