Preparing for the Truck Rally

1 (1)Wednesday, June 22 – Cerwin asked Ian to help him get the International Chapel ready for the Truck Rally. The first four photos are by Inge.

1 (2)

1 (3)The chapel under construction for Texas is in the background.

1 (4)When Ian was finished washing the chapel, he mowed yard at the International Office.

2Friday evening, June 24, was setup for the rally. This group of people are packaging cookies for the Saturday evening meal.


2bWe had a heavy downpour just as most of us were arriving at the Expo.

6-24-16 (5)Curt Martin got caught in the rain when bringing the stage for North Hall, so he and Gene Gehman spent a lot of time cleaning the rig.

6-24-16 (3)On the left: Gene Gehman and Curt Martin drying the truck. On the right Cerwin and Jere setting up tables for the Main Auction.

6-25-16 (2)Saturday morning our team meets for a 6 AM breakfast at Quentin Haus Restaurant.

6-25-16 (1)

6-25-16 (3)When I arrived at the Rally, I found Jason & Renita Shelly’s daughter polishing the wheels of her dad’s truck.

6-25-16 (4)

6-25-16 (5)Drivers were arriving early, so Randy and Karen Sauder and their children set up the registration table.

6-25-16 (6)The first 125 drivers received nice goody bags from Chrome Shop Mafia.

6-25-16 (7)Barry Grim registering the antique truck he planned to drive in the parade.

6-25-16 (8)

6-25-16 (9)It was good to see the lot filling up so quickly after having a rainy, stormy day last year when lots of drivers didn’t bring their trucks and we had to cancel the parade.

6-25-16 (10)Even though there is no judging, everyone makes sure their rig looks good.

6-25-16 (11)Then they relax and watch the others arrive.

6-25-16 (12)

6-25-16 (13)

6-25-16 (14)

6-25-16 (15)

6-25-16 (16)

6-25-16 (17)

6-25-16 (18)

6-25-16 (19)The drivers have a new challenge this year as the Expo put fence posts at the entrance.

6-25-16 (21)Yes, I know this is not a truck! 🙂 It’s our grandson Nathan arriving in his sharp Camaro. He was out with us for breakfast, then went to a car wash before coming to help his brother Jordan set up for the auction.

6-25-16 (22)

6-25-16 (24)

6-25-16 (25)

6-25-16 (26)

6-25-16 (27)

6-25-16 (28)All this activity and it is only 9:00 AM.

There will be a lot more pictures tomorrow night.

Father’s Day Supper at Jere & Kristen’s House

Sunday Evening, June 19


2The table was decorated with golf balls – I think they were for Jere, because Cerwin doesn’t play golf.

3 (1)

3 (2)

3 (3)Ribs and roast beef provided by Roy and Deb

3 (5)

3 (4)

3 (6)

3 (7)Cerwin and Roy

3 (8)Dessert

3 (9)Cerwin with his Father’s Day gifts from the evening.

3 (10)These three look like they are planning something serious. 🙂

4Father and son

4AFather and daughter


DSC_5067Roy and Deb have the cutest little rescue skunk.

DSC_5073Pretty flowers on the deck.

DSC_5077Grandfather, father and children

DSC_5086The whole gang with Grandpa

Lunch with Friends

Sunday, June 19

DSC_5024There must have been Amish church in our neighborhood. It was a beautiful morning for scooters and open buggies and we met many as we drove to our church.

DSC_5026Lunch was our annual friends birthday dinner – this year at Mark and Marcy’s house.


DSC_5027Roast Beef


There was also a vegetable and salad that I didn’t photograph.

DSC_5043We enjoyed a delightful, delicious lunch. Our hosts, Mark and Marcy, are on the left and next to Marcy is Emma Jean (or Cookie as she is known to us). Her husband Gene was not feeling well so was not able to come. Next is Gerald, whose wife, Joanne, died from cancer three years ago. She is keenly missed at these dinners. Cerwin has his back to the camera and my chair is empty because I am taking the picture.

We get together once a year to celebrate our friendship. This group of eight began many years ago because the ladies birthdays are in the same month – February. Sometimes we are together in February and sometimes we prefer a warmer month.

When our children were small, the group was much larger because together we have thirteen children.

DSC_5041We finished our meal with this delicious strawberry dessert.

DSC_5028Marcy is a talented decorator, so beauty abounds in their house.




DSC_5040Time always goes so quickly when we are together, and soon our visit was over.

Macungie Antique Truck Show – Day 2

Saturday, June 18

1 (1)I met this rabbit shortly after 6:30 AM when I was walking across Macungie Park to get our morning coffee and breakfast sandwich.

1 (2)It wasn’t interested in going with me as it preferred the grass over coffee.

1 (3)I love seeing new (or old) things on an early morning walk.

1 (4)About mid-morning Denis Yaworski came to see us – he comes every year – and told us that he brought his Doodlebug this year.

1 (5)I asked where he had it parked. He said it was near the flagpole, so I looked it up.

1 (6)My high school graduation year.

1 (7)

2 (1)By noon the chapel had a continual stream of visitors, so I wasn’t able to take many pictures. Our friend Doug Maney was in charge of making many of the day’s announcements and always included a reminder to visit the Transport For Christ chapel. I think that accounted for many of our visitors. Thanks, Doug.

2 (4)Bob told this group about TFC’s ministry to drivers.

2 (3)

2aDuring an afternoon break, I asked Cerwin if he wanted to go with me and get some pictures with the trucks of our birth year.

2bThis is Cerwin’s birth year – 1941.

2cHere’s another one.


2eMy high school graduation year.


2g (1)My birth year

2g (2)The truck before it was restored.

2g (3)As we were talking about where I would stand, these two men were nearby and overheard our discussion. To Cerwin’s surprise, the one in the red shirt asked if he ever hauled propane out of Eagle Pipeline. He did, so they had an interesting time getting re-acquainted.

2g (4)

2hAnother 1944 model.


3It was difficult to get a picture of this old touring coach because it was quite popular and usually surrounded by people.

4 (1)

4 (2)

4 (3)

4 (4)

5 (1)1936 school bus

5 (2)

5a (1)

5a (2)

5a (3)Because of the shadows, I could not get a picture of the “person” behind bars.

DSC_5006By mid-afternoon the grounds were filled with people enjoying the delightful afternoon and looking at 700+ trucks.

DSC_5007This one made a lot of noise and smoke.

DSC_5015This one was smoke free and not as noisy.

DSC_5017It was about this time of the day, when Jake was talking to Jim (who wrote an article for the July Highway News) and Cerwin was talking to another man, Chaplain Bob came out of the chapel and said, “Doris, there is a woman inside who needs to talk to a woman.”

When I walked inside, she was in tears of despair.

I soon learned that she had spent all day trying to work up enough courage to come visit us. I noticed her in the early morning when I was sitting on one of the captain chairs enjoying coffee and watching people.

2 (2)Afterward I learned that Bob, Jake, and Cerwin stopped their conversation to pray for me as I ministered to her. She was struggling with bitterness toward her dad, and I think that had currently come to the forefront because the next day was Father’s Day.

I listened, gave her a book written by my friend Penny (that I recently purchased and had just finished reading the day before), prayed with her and encouraged her to get involved in a local church. I told her to keep looking until she found one, and to never stop reading the Bible.

She had accepted Christ as her savior as a young girl, but was feeling quite far from Him and confused by Christians who do not follow Bible principles. I also encouraged her to call her Dad the next day. She hadn’t talked to either of her parents for six years.

She is a sweet lady with a tender heart. Pray for her – that she finds a good church and someone in her home state who can mentor her and her family.

DSC_5019Her visit was a highlight of my weekend.

Antique Truck Show at Macungie, PA

Friday, June 17

1 (1)We weren’t there very long before people began visiting the chapel – some came in alone, others with family or friends.

1 (2)While the men – Cerwin and Chaplain Steve – manned the chapel, I went for a walk to see what was happening in the vendor area of the park.

1 (3)It seems there is just about everything you may need to restore an old truck.

1 (4)If you aren’t into restoring a truck you can find toys.

1 (5)Chaplains Jake and Bob took the easy way to “walk” through the park.

1 (6)There were a few pretty things for the ladies or those trying to impress a lady.

1 (7)This is when I began realizing that something was wrong with my camera. See the pink sky. It is supposed to be blue. 🙂

I noticed it on a few of my pictures at Diana’s graduation. Our daughter Deb thought my camera was searching for light at the graduation ceremony because it was getting dark outside.

1 (8)But these pictures were taken in daylight.

1 (9)Some pictures are okay, but others have vertical lines through them.

1 (11)We take the chapel here each year, so instead of taking pictures of lots of trucks, I try to come up with a plan. This time, as I walked through the park, among more than 700 trucks, I looked for the year 1944 – my birth year – and 1961 – the year I graduated from high school.

Notice the variety of states and towns represented in these few trucks.

1 (10)

1 (12)

1 (13)

1 (14)

1 (15)

1 (16)

1 (17)

1 (18)Looking at the 1944 models made me feel rather old. 🙂

1 (19)


1 (21)

1 (22)





DSC_4883This one is Cerwin’s birth year.



DSC_4889When I got back to the chapel, Cerwin was talking to a man and his son. I obviously didn’t take this picture to show you the TFC staff who were with us. Cerwin’s left elbow is covering Jake’s face and his right elbow is covering Steve’s face. 🙂 The chaplain you can see is Bob. His wife, Betty, is sitting in the chair with her back to the camera.

DSC_4891Our circle of supper friends


DSC_4894Our friend Doug is inviting everyone to supper. Maybe it is time for us to get in line.

DSC_4901He asked Chaplain Jake to come to the microphone and tell everyone to visit us at the chapel and then pray for the meal.



DSC_4913There was lots of picnic-style food, but this is what I look forward to: shrimp…


DSC_4915…and corn on the cob.

DSC_4918A pretty view on our walk back to the chapel.

DSC_4919An evening scene from the chapel steps. Sunset was pretty in Macungie Park.

DSC_4920We enjoyed several more visitors before Chaplain Steve headed home and Bob and Betty went to a nearby motel. Jake slept on an air mattress in his van, his son, Jesse, chose the bottom bunk of the chapel tractor, and Cerwin and I slept in the chapel on the sofa bed air mattress.

More tomorrow night.