Supper With Josiah

Friday evening, May 13

Supper with Josiah (1)I love having adult grandchildren – especially when one of them surprises us with a call and asks if we want to go out for supper – and he is paying. 🙂

Supper with Josiah (2)On this night he took us to General Sutter Inn – center town Lititz.

Supper with Josiah (3)There were real flowers on the tables.

Supper with Josiah (4)Since it was Friday evening, there was a lot going on at and around the restaurant – where there is also outside seating.

Supper with Josiah (5)

Supper with Josiah (6)There must have been a wedding in the area – maybe in the banquet room of General Sutter – as there was a bride standing outside one of the windows.

Supper with Josiah (7)Just outside another window – and across the street – these two were singing.

Supper with Josiah (8)Our delicious cheese plate.

Supper with Josiah (9)Cerwin’s cheeseburger and fries

Supper with Josiah (10)Josiah’s pulled pork and fries – and scotch egg.

Supper with Josiah (11)My Reuben sandwich

That was fun – and delicious.

Supper with Josiah (12)This is what the sky looked like on our way home.

Supper with Josiah (13)I love warm, late spring evenings.

Supper with Josiah (14)Josiah lives an hour away, so stayed overnight to be ready to help with our yard work early the next morning.

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  1. What a lovely evening. The orange sky with the silo (3rd from bottom) is reminiscent of today’s excursion here of the external fuel tank headed to the Space Museum to join our space shuttle (the tank is very orange and very large, but on its side for this trip — it will soon be turned on end and joined to the shuttle in a museum setting!)

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