Garden Shopping with Jesse

Friday, May 13

20160513_152107When Jere informed us that he planned a family workday for our yard on Saturday, May 14. I knew there was a lot of work for the adults, so thought about what I could plan for Jesse.

I have a very small garden – garden tea, a tomato plant, and a few other things.

Several days before our workday, I asked Jesse to do some research on what kind of tomato, pepper, and cucumber plants I should buy.

DSC_2567This is the list he brought with him on the day we went to the Flower Wagon – a greenhouse near us.

20160513_152118He was pleased that we found each one.

From there we went to the grocery store for a few items. While driving home I received a phone call from our oldest grandson, Josiah, asking if we had plans for supper.

I said, “We were going to have left-overs.”

He asked, “If he could treat us to a meal at General Sutter.”

How nice is that?

We just went shopping with our youngest grandson – now our oldest grandson was taking us out for supper.

I will post those pictures tomorrow night.

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