Workday at Sam Rittenhouse’s

Wednesday, May 11

1 (1)We (several TFC staff from the International Office) arrived at Sam and Alice’s house about 9:45 AM – after an hour and forty-five minute drive. Sam is on the right. He is Assistant Director of Pastoral Care for Chaplains.

We planned this workday for him because he has a big yard and orchard and recently become the primary caregiver for Alice whose health deteriorated a bit just before Easter.

1 (2)Their daughter Eunice helped Sam prepare coffee and donuts for our arrival.

1 (3)

2 (1)One of the resident catbirds was wondering what happened to his usually quiet orchard.

2 (3)Then we got to work, removing weeds and mulching – Cerwin.

2 (6)If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that he is TFC’s Director of Chapel Construction.

2 (4)Dan Witwer – Vice President, Staff Development

2 (5)

2 (7)Jeff Batzer, Executive Vice President

2 (8)

2 (9)

2 (10)Inge Koenig – Executive Assistant to the President/Editor, Highway News & Good News.

2 (11)

2 (12)

2 (13)Sam showing Peg O’Hare – wife of Bunny O’Hare – and Eunice what he uses to wash windows.

2 (14)Time for lunch. We brought lunch and Sam also provided a few things.

2 (15)

2 (16)

2 (17)Sam’s daughter Eunice (left) and his sister Betty (next to her) joined us for lunch. Eunice was caring for her mother so Sam was free to be outside, and Betty (who lives next door) helped us pull weeds.

2 (18)The entire work crew.

2 (19)The trees along the road were looking good by lunch time.

2 (20)Bunny – Director of Pastor Care for Chaplains – and Cerwin mulching the flowerbed in front of the house while Peg checks out some of the flowers.

2 (21)

2 (22)Taking a break in the backyard and orchard – Sam, Dan, Inge, and Jeff.

2 (23)When we were finished (about 2 PM) Sam showed us how he starts his tomato plants in the garden. He said the water prevents them from frost damage.

2 (24)

2 (25)

2 (26)

2 (27)His orchard is between blossoms and fruit, but I found a few pretty spring flowers in his yard.

2 (28)I love buttercups.

2 (2)

3I love the sight and scent of Lily of the Valley.



DSCN1113I stole a few pictures from Inge’s blog – – to prove that I was also working. 🙂 Here I was washing the windows that Peg couldn’t reach.

DSCN1072Moving mulch to a front yard tree.

DSCN1088I thought you would enjoy this one. Since we were using forks, Inge wanted to replay the American Gothic “Couple and a Fork.” We had trouble getting Cerwin to look serious.

We had a great day working together and blessing Sam.

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