Mother’s Day 2016

1 (1)My Mother’s Day celebration began on Friday, May 6, when Cerwin told me to pick out a bouquet of flowers when we were grocery shopping.

He knows I like fresh flowers in the kitchen.

3On Saturday morning, Jeff stopped in with this pretty plant. I will enjoy that all summer.

Thanks Jeff and Chris.

1 (2)On Sunday evening – Mother’s Day – following the Make-A-Wish Convoy, we were invited to Jere and Kristen’s for supper.


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1d (7)Jana baked and decorated a beautiful red velvet cake.

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1eAt the end of the meal we were surprised with a 53rd Wedding Anniversary gift – which is in September.

1fOh, wow! As I looked at the date, I thought, “How can we go there? We are keeping Jere and Kristen’s three youngest boys that weekend.”

Then the lights went on!

“We aren’t keeping the boys.” They “tricked” us so we would keep that weekend open. 🙂

2 (2)

2 (1)

2 (3)

2 (4)Thank you EVERYONE!

We love you and look forward to this weekend in mid-September – just days before our anniversary.

2 (5)Shortly after the surprise, we heard that their wild “tame” bunny was in the yard. It must have gotten away from someone, because it began showing up in their yard a few weeks ago – or someone dropped it off in the area.

2 (6)Then Jesse was able to pick it up. I’m not sure if he was able to do that before.

2 (7)

2 (8)It is so soft and pretty

2 (9)Jesse went to the patio and enjoyed holding it for quite awhile.

2aBy the end of Mother’s Day there was all kinds of beautiful and delicious things.

3aCards – one included a donation to TFC toward my support. Thanks Mark and Diane.

4A planter from Jere and Kristen. Thanks – and for the delicious meal.

DSC_2021Pretty flowers and some cookies and candy from Roy and Deb. Thank you.

DSC_2042I admired the pretty flowers on the table at suppertime, then just before we went home, Allie handed me one of the bouquets. Thanks Josh and Allie.

Mother’s Day gets sweeter every year. 🙂

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  1. What a wonderful Mother’s Day. I bet you will really enjoy that concert. So thoughtful of your kids to do that for you. The bunny is sweet. I’m feeling a little bit better. Hopefully I won’t need surgery. It might be diverticulitis.

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