Make-A-Wish Convoy – Part 1 of 2

Mothers Day, Sunday May 8

1 (1)Our view on the way to Burle Industries near Lancaster where the trucks meet before the convoy.

1 (2)Just after we pulled into our space, these trucks entered the lot.

1 (3)

1 (4)

2After getting the chapel set up, we walked around the lot to see other trucks.

I always enjoy seeing what John and Karen Rissler have done with their truck – and love the new lettering.

3 (1)

3 (2)Geff Stoner (center) invited us to his truck for breakfast. He made a delicious egg casserole.

3 (3)I took a few pictures while walking around between trucks.

3 (4)

3 (5)

3 (6)

3 (7)


5 (1)

5 (2)

5 (3)We had a packed chapel for the 10 AM service. Packed for a chapel is about two dozen people.

5 (4)Three of John and Karen’s boys joined me in the living quarters of the chapel.

You may have noticed the little one was also in the previous picture. He was not happy on his dad’s lap after seeing his older brothers on the couch. 🙂

5 (5)By the end of the service, the lot was full of people.

5 (6)A new group came for the 11 AM service. Both devotionals were led by Chaplain Jake and his wife Jane. Jane leads the singing and Jake shares the message.

5 (7)

5 (8)After lots of visitors, it was time to put the steps away and prepare for the 1:30 PM convoy.

5 (9)There were lots of people moving toward their spots for viewing the parade.

6 (1)

6 (2)Remember this picture when you scroll down to the next one.

7 (1)This is kind of the same view from the air.

There was a fire truck with a tall ladder parked next to us and giving rides. Inge and I would have liked to go up, but by the time the line shortened, they stopped giving rides. Inge asked one of the ladies with the fire company if she would take her (Inge’s) camera up and take pictures.

I “stole” this picture and the next one from Inge’s blog.

7 (2)This was the view in front of the chapel.

The organizers where hoping for a world record number of trucks in a convoy and they made it by having a reported 590 trucks.

8 (1)

8 (2)Now that is one sharp trucker. His shirt and tie match his truck.

8 (3)The children – and adults – enjoy this clown and his unicycle.

8 (4)I took this photo from the cab of our truck while waiting for the parade to start.

8 (5)The first truck in the convoy was our friends Marv and Fay Sauder.

8 (6)I took only a sampling of the trucks who passed us as we waited our turn.

8 (7)

8 (8)

8 (9)

8 (10)

8 (11)

8 (12)

8 (13)

8 (14)We are next!

I’ll show you our view of the people watching the parade in my next entry – tomorrow night.

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