Life Celebration Service for My Aunt Erma


Erma has been part of my life as long as I can remember, because she married Uncle Ken (my dad’s brother) a few weeks before I was born. Ken died suddenly about 31 years ago.

If you are interested, you can see her obituary here:

DSC_1609Her seven children blessed and honored her at a Life Celebration Service at Blue Ball Church of the Brethren on Thursday afternoon, May 5.

I took these pictures without flash and between people’s heads – so ignore some of the blurred spots.

DSC_1611Her oldest daughter, Joyce, went first – and they followed by age.










DSC_1626This picture gives you an idea of my position in the church and why there were sometimes heads in my way. 🙂

DSC_1627The youngest – Jay Milton


DSC_1633Then a few grandchildren shared memories. By now there were more heads in the way because the children went back to their seats. 🙂 This is Kenda – Ron and Marian’s daughter.

DSC_1635One of David and Debbie’s daughters (I don’t know her name).

DSC_1636David – Ron and Marian’s youngest son

DSC_1639Daniel – Ron and Marian’s oldest son


DSC_1642Kevin – one of Sam and Joyce’s sons. At least I think it was Kevin. 🙂 We haven’t seen them for awhile – and there is Ken, Kevin, Keith, and Kerry.

DSC_1647This trio took me back to my teenage years when they sang together at the church their father pastored in Long Run, Pennsylvania.

DSC_1652Rev. and Mrs. Fred Beam (good friends of Ken and Erma) also shared a few memories – especially how Ken challenged them to go the mission field and about Erma’s hospitality. The Beams spent many years in Africa.


DSC_1654While waiting for my cousins to assemble for a photo I took a picture of one of the pretty floral bouquets.

DSC_1660My cousins – Ken and Erma’s seven children – David, Jay Milton, Jim, Joel, Marilyn, Marian, and Joyce.


DSC_1666With their spouses: David & Debbie, Jay, Marilyn, Ron & Marian, Jim & Sue, Sam & Joyce, Joel & Jane.


DSC_1670Joyce is talking to my step-mother Velma and her sister Millie.

It was a day that brought back a lot of memories. I think we were the last people to leave the church. 🙂

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