A Puppy Cast ~ Two Briskets ~ A Birthday ~ A Pretty Tree

Friday, April 22

DSC_0286Jere and Kristen’s new pup, Colt, seems to have a tendon problem and is wearing a cast to stabilize his leg and a neck “tire” to protect the cast from being chewed apart.


DSC_0291He is a bit handicapped, but still enjoys playing with a ball.

DSC_0289Two of the four briskets that Jere is smoking for Cerwin’s birthday party.

DSC_0293We took Jared, Jesse, and Ian along to Shady Maple for Cerwin’s birthday supper.

DSC_0297Shady Maple gives a free meal on your birthday if you come with a partner who buys a regular smorgasbord meal.

DSC_0296During our Christmas supper at the end of last year, our children and grandchildren each made a choice – from a list of places that we would take them for their 2016 birthday. These guys chose Shady Maple, and it suited them to go along on the day of Grandpa’s birthday.

We had so much fun. They loved the many choices of food.

DSC_0298Back at home after the meal – our roadside dogwood tree was displaying great beauty.

DSC_0299The cherry tree behind it was also pretty.

It was a fun 75th birthday for Cerwin – but there was more celebrating to come.

Come back to my blog tomorrow night to see what we did.

5 thoughts on “A Puppy Cast ~ Two Briskets ~ A Birthday ~ A Pretty Tree

  1. Poor dog!
    I’ll be the boys all had very different dinners from that smorgasbord buffet!
    What a gorgeous dogwood tree! And the cherry and the yellow tree in front of it are beautiful too — what a pretty time of year!

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