A Quick Trip to Greensboro – Part 1

Wednesday, April 13

DSC_0013We left the house just after 5:00 AM and were at the West Virginia line by 6:50 AM.

This trip was so Cerwin could make a few repairs on the chapel at the Greensboro, North Carolina, TA.


DSC_0017It has been a long time since we traveled south on Route 81, so I enjoyed this trip.

DSC_0018I am always blessed when I see signs of someone’s faith in Jesus when we travel.

DSC_0022Signs of springtime made the trip quite beautiful by the time we reached the Virginia hills.

DSC_0024Breakfast in Toms Brook, Virginia.

DSC_0025Redbud trees lined the interstate.

DSC_0027A creative water tower.

DSC_0028Truckers always get my attention and prayers when we travel – especially those with large loads.



DSC_0033This country girl enjoys seeing cattle in the fields.

DSC_0037Some pretty redbuds at a rest stop.



DSC_0046Forty-seven miles to go.

DSC_0043Springtime looks good here.

DSC_0048This area is about a week or two ahead of us in leaves and blossoms.

DSC_0051We arrived at the Greensboro TA at 12:45.

More about that tomorrow night.

A Vacation for My Soul – Part 2

Sunday Afternoon, April 10

Sam and Alice (1)I am not even going to attempt to put names to the flowers and budding trees in Sam’s orchard.

I’ll let you do that if you know what species they belong to.

Sam and Alice (2)

Sam and Alice (3)

Sam and Alice (4)

Sam and Alice (5)

Sam and Alice (6)

Sam and Alice (7)

Sam and Alice (8)

Sam and Alice (9)

Sam and Alice (10)

Sam and Alice (11)

Sam and Alice (12)

Sam and Alice (13)

Sam and Alice (14)There were a few signs of snow in the shaded areas.

Sam and Alice (15)Susie the dog (I think that’s her name), Sam, and Cerwin

Sam and Alice (16)

Sam and Alice (17)

Sam and Alice (18)After walking through the orchard we went into his greenhouse.

Sam and Alice (19)

Sam and Alice (20)

Sam and Alice (21)

Sam and Alice (22)Then he showed us his basement seedlings.

Sam and Alice (23)

Sam and Alice (24)Last summer’s produce from his and his sister Betty’s gardens.

Sam and Alice (25)

Sam and Alice (26)While Sam went to get Alice out of bed, I took a few pictures in their dining area.

Sam and Alice (27)

Sam and Alice (28)

Sam and Alice (29)Alice had just spent several days in the hospital, then in rehab and feels better in bed, but it is good therapy for her to get up and walk several times a day.

I was pleased that we found her looking so good.

Sam is a fabulous caregiver to her – along with caring for his orchard and garden.

Sam and Alice (30)Then it was time to go home – this time by the turnpike – which is Cerwin’s favorite way to travel. 🙂

Sam and Alice (31)There weren’t as many opportunities to get pretty pictures as there were on the backroad drive, but Cerwin is happy when he can move forward as fast as possible. 🙂

Sam and Alice (32)When we travel west on the  turnpike to the Lancaster-Lebanon exit, we go by “our” woodlot. We can barely see our house in the background to the right of my sister, Nancy and her husband, Marlin’s house.

Sam and Alice (33)It looks a bit more like springtime in our area now than it did when this picture was taken on the 10th.

It was a great afternoon – and like I said in the previous evening post – a vacation for my soul.

A Vacation for My Soul

Sunday, April 10

1 (1)There was still a bit of snow among our flower beds when we woke up on Sunday morning.

1 (2)Our tulips have been through a lot of stress this spring – snow, hail, and more snow.

A day or two earlier we decided to visit our friends Sam and Alice after church, because Alice recently spent some time in the hospital. They live about an hour and forty-five minutes away from us.

I asked Cerwin if it would be possible to take the back roads instead of the turnpike. He kind of grumbled about that. I said, “I thought it would be fun since we had the entire afternoon open.”

A few hours later he told me to get Sam and Alice’s address so he could put it in the GPS. He knows how to get there by the turnpike, so I knew we were taking the back roads. 🙂

Remember I like back roads, but he prefers interstates.

1 (3)The conservative Mennonites were just leaving church as we went by.

1 (4)When we began meeting other horses, we figured that we were approaching another conservative church.

1 (5)

1 (6)These ladies must live close enough to walk to church.

1 (7)This is when we saw the second church.

1 (8)I told Cerwin that we would not have seen this on the turnpike. 🙂

1 (9)We stopped at the Burger King near Morgantown for a quick lunch and met a couple who recognized us from Transport For Christ.

1 (10)About this time I thanked Cerwin for the back road drive because it felt like a vacation for my soul.

1 (11)

1 (12)

1 (13)There were still a few signs of the previous days snow.

1 (14)When we arrived at Sam and Alice’s place, he was outside walking their dog. He was still in his “lunch-preparing” apron. He is a great cook.

1aWhile he and Cerwin visited a bit, I took a few front yard pictures.




DSC_9918Some of you may remember that he has a great orchard in his back yard. Tomorrow night I will show you those pictures.

York-Adams Banquet

Saturday Evening, April 9

DSC_9843We arrived at Dover Fire Hall, Dover, PA. early – 3 PM – to set up the TFC display, distribute programs, and donation envelopes on the tables.

DSC_9846By 5 PM the cooks were ready and this is what I got when I walked into the kitchen with my camera.

I forgot to get pictures of the silent auction which was held from 4 PM to 5 PM.

DSC_9849We enjoyed a delicious supper.



DSC_9854The Choraliers and Pearl did a fabulous job of bringing the Gospel to us in concert.

Mark, Carol, Kim, Dorothy, and Pearl. Mark, Carol, and Dorothy are siblings and Pearl is their mother.

DSC_9856Carol’s daughter Hannah

DSC_9859Mark and his wife, Jamie, joined Kim and Dorothy for this song.

DSC_9860The speaker was Ryan, a young, associate pastor from Harvest Chapel.

He could preach!

DSC_9863Cerwin gave an ministry update.

DSC_9866During their closing set they sang a song that listed all 66 books of the Bible – then they did it faster – then they did it backwards. . 🙂

DSC_9868Bill Menges, York-Adams Contact Person, gave the closing comments and prayers.

We were encouraged and blessed.

Happy 75th Birthday

Cerwin 8-13

I love sharing my life with you and participating in what you have allowed God to do with your life.

You are patient, kind, hardworking, and fun.

A real man of God.

I think of you every time I read Psalm 1:1-3

Blessed is the man
    who walks not in the counsel of the wicked,
nor stands in the way of sinners,
    nor sits in the seat of scoffers;
but his delight is in the law of the Lord,
    and on his law he meditates day and night.

He is like a tree
    planted by streams of water
that yields its fruit in its season,
    and its leaf does not wither.
In all that he does, he prospers.

English Standard Version

Snow on Saturday, April 9

Snow (1)The weatherman said it may snow – and snow it did!

Snow (2)I was surprised by hail the day before, now we were getting a real April snowstorm.

Snow (3)

Snow (5)

Snow (6)

Snow (7)

Snow (8)

Snow (9)By the time it stopped snowing, we had four inches of snow.

Snow (10)

Snow (11)

Snow (12)

Snow (13)

Snow (14)

Snow (15)

Snow (16)

Snow (17)

Snow (18)

Snow (19)This is about the time I noticed that these two were courting.

Snow (20)

Snow (21)It seems like there should be a great title for this one. 🙂

She was actually preparing to receive food from him.

Snow (22)This was the capture that got lots of attention on Facebook because I posted it immediately.

Snow (24)Because it was springtime, most of the snow was melted by evening – especially on the roads.