A Quick Trip to Greensboro – Part 2

Wednesday, April 13

1Cerwin got right to work after we arrived at the chapel which is located at the TA at Exit 138 on I-85/I-40 and Highway 61 in Greensboro, NC.

1aThe first thing he did was clean the air conditioner.


2While he did that I admired the colorful trucks as I walked to the truck stop for a Pepsi for him and a sweet tea for me.


3 (1)When I got back he was working on a vent to see if there was proper air circulation.

3 (2)

3aThen he checked the roof where he found the problem with water leakage during rain storms. There was an area where a line of rivets had rusted off allowing an area of the roof to separate.

3bWhile he tightened and sealed the roof, I sat at a picnic table and enjoyed reading a Life-Beautiful Magazine.

DSC_0072A bird serenaded me most of the time I was there.


DSC_0081Chaplain Tony was not there when we arrived due to having to get two grandchildren at school.

DSC_0085We had a great visit before he took the children home and we left for our motel in Winston-Salem.

Tomorrow night I will show you picture of our trip home.

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  1. You know, Doris, what is true about sweet tea drinkers? It gives them away as Southerners! We always say that the North and South do NOT divide at the Mason Dixon line; they divide at the point headed North where you can’t get sweet tea! (Except I guess, at McDonald’s, which serves sweet tea at all their locations, I have heard.) I’ve been a Southerner since we moved from Philly to MS in ’79, and I LOVE sweet tea, but I can’t drink it anymore. 🙁

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