A Vacation for My Soul

Sunday, April 10

1 (1)There was still a bit of snow among our flower beds when we woke up on Sunday morning.

1 (2)Our tulips have been through a lot of stress this spring – snow, hail, and more snow.

A day or two earlier we decided to visit our friends Sam and Alice after church, because Alice recently spent some time in the hospital. They live about an hour and forty-five minutes away from us.

I asked Cerwin if it would be possible to take the back roads instead of the turnpike. He kind of grumbled about that. I said, “I thought it would be fun since we had the entire afternoon open.”

A few hours later he told me to get Sam and Alice’s address so he could put it in the GPS. He knows how to get there by the turnpike, so I knew we were taking the back roads. 🙂

Remember I like back roads, but he prefers interstates.

1 (3)The conservative Mennonites were just leaving church as we went by.

1 (4)When we began meeting other horses, we figured that we were approaching another conservative church.

1 (5)

1 (6)These ladies must live close enough to walk to church.

1 (7)This is when we saw the second church.

1 (8)I told Cerwin that we would not have seen this on the turnpike. 🙂

1 (9)We stopped at the Burger King near Morgantown for a quick lunch and met a couple who recognized us from Transport For Christ.

1 (10)About this time I thanked Cerwin for the back road drive because it felt like a vacation for my soul.

1 (11)

1 (12)

1 (13)There were still a few signs of the previous days snow.

1 (14)When we arrived at Sam and Alice’s place, he was outside walking their dog. He was still in his “lunch-preparing” apron. He is a great cook.

1aWhile he and Cerwin visited a bit, I took a few front yard pictures.




DSC_9918Some of you may remember that he has a great orchard in his back yard. Tomorrow night I will show you those pictures.

10 thoughts on “A Vacation for My Soul

  1. I just enjoyed looking through the your blog for the first time in a while, Doris, and as always found it to be entertaining AND uplifting. Your snowstorm in April reminded me that we didn’t even have four inches of snow ALL WINTER here — it has been so unusual. And now we are VERY dry, when last spring and summer we were VERY wet. Flip-flop goes the weather! Hope you’re enjoying a beautiful Saturday — it is so pretty here today, with no wind and warm temps. I’ve pruned and cleaned out all my flowerbeds (a little late but first chance I’ve had.) So love spring!

  2. What a beautiful drive — I, too, prefer back roads, where you can see some of the life of people who are not driving! Loved seeing the Conservative Mennonites on the way to church in their buggies. And the front yard photos are lovely, but I see it’s still early spring there!

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