Interesting Day

Friday April 8

DSC_96976:00 AM

This is what I saw when I looked out our kitchen window about a week and a half ago, so I wanted to investigate the sunrise.

DSC_9702It was quite overcast, but the sun was momentarily shining through a break in the clouds.

DSC_97097:00 AM

I enjoyed watching a couple of brown-headed cow birds at the feeder. I noticed they were arching their necks now and then. I checked online and it is part of their mating ritual. They were probably making sounds as well, but I could not hear it through the closed windows.

DSC_97158:00 AM

It began hailing!

DSC_9719This certainly does not look like early April.




DSC_9731A few mornings earlier the tulips were frozen – now they were being pelted by hail.




DSC_9747When the hail was over, the cow birds came back. The ones that are arching their necks in this picture are the males. They have black bodies and brown heads. The female’s body is totally brown.


DSC_9762By 1:30 PM the hail had disappeared and the sun was out – giving me nice lighting to get a photo of this cute Chipping Sparrow.



DSC_9763That was an interesting day!

4 thoughts on “Interesting Day

  1. I think nature is confused. Even White Sharks are staying around and playing due to warmer ocean water.
    We still need rail, snow, sleet, hair, thunder, downpours, and partial flooding. We need God to turn the waiters back on for about 3 years out there.

  2. That was an interesting day indeed! I’m always fascinated that hail seems to disappear as quickly as it appeared! The birds think it’s spring; the flowers think it’s spring — now it would be nice if the sky would agree! It’s summer here this week — at 7 pm today, the temp was 81!

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