Helping Great-grandpa

Friday, April 1

Helping (2)Anthony loves doing anything with sticks, so when Cerwin said that he was going to work in the yard, I got my large wagon.

Helping (3)

Helping (4)

Helping (5)

Helping (6)

Helping (7)

Helping (10)He also put some small logs into Jere’s trailer – from a downed tree.

Helping (8)Then he went back to his wagon.

Helping (9)

Helping (1)When Cerwin arrived with his wheelbarrow, Anthony offered to help him.

Helping (11)Cerwin was picking up shellbark nuts that he had raked on piles earlier in the week.

Helping (12)Grandma came to help with yard cleanup.

Helping (13)While outside, I noticed our blooming hyacinth.

Helping (14)Then it was time to take Anthony to his other grandma and meet Deb for lunch.

I will tell you about that tomorrow night.

4 thoughts on “Helping Great-grandpa

    • Cerwin was raking and picking up shellbark nuts. He always lets then lay until spring so the squirrels have plenty to eat during the winter. Anthony was running around picking up sticks and nuts. 🙂

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