Zig’s Bakery with Diane & Anthony

Friday, April 1

Zig's (1)Since Diane wanted to go to a local discount grocery store before going back to Maine, we asked if she would like to go to Zig’s Bakery for breakfast.

Zig's (2)She liked that suggestion for two reasons: she had never been there, and one of her best – from childhood – friends works there.

Zig's (3)While deciding on our food, we asked if Karen was in the kitchen.

Zig's (4)What fun to see these two together again.

Zig's (5)Anthony checking out his highchair “seatbelt.”

Zig's (6)Waiting for our quiche.

Zig's (8)Pictures from the entrance area.

Zig's (9)

Zig's (10)We were invited to go upstairs and see Stone Gables.

Zig's (11)

Zig's (12)Reading material in the restroom. 🙂

Zig's (13)There was a table set up to demonstrate what it will look like if you reserve this for a wedding or banquet.

Zig's (14)

Zig's (15)Going back to the first floor.

Zig's (16)Some pretty flowers just outside the entrance/exit area.

Zig's (17)From here we went to Green Hills Farm Discount Grocer so Diane could purchase some sweet bologna for her Maine family.

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