House Sparrow

Tuesday, March 29

1A cute, male house sparrow perched just outside our kitchen window – in great lighting – gave me an opportunity for a few close ups.

DSC_9335He is a rather ordinary bird, but I still find him fascinating.

DSC_9340He has no clue that he wasn’t created as beautiful as a male cardinal.

DSC_9343He just sings the songs he was created to sing and does the things he was created to do.

DSC_9347We could learn from House Sparrows.

DSC_9353It often takes us a lifetime to learn to be content with the person who God created us to be.

Many of us spend way too much time wishing we were like someone else – wanting to be prettier, richer, smarter, or braver.

DSC_9354Yes, we could learn from the House Sparrow and just be content with the person God created us to be…

…developing our own skills and personality

…enjoying life

…resting now and then

…loving and praising God.

12 thoughts on “House Sparrow

  1. From another Janet — lol — he’s a beautiful bird, Doris, and your photos capture that beauty very nicely! And he’s definitely living the life you describe!

  2. Lovely post – both words and photos. I’ve been following you for a while. Your bird photos intrigue me. Would love to know what camera you use and your input on lenses – specifically zoom. I need to upgrade my zoom (before an Alaska trip) and am searching advice from experienced people.

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