Blame has been going on since the beginning of time.

Adam blamed Eve.

Eve blamed the serpent.

It continued throughout the Bible.

It continued through the ages.

It continues today.


Is it God’s fault when His children make a bad choice

…when God made it clear in His Word that certain things are bad choices

…when they know better?


Is it a godly parent’s fault when their children make a bad choice

…when the parents made it clear that certain things are bad choices

…when the child knows better?


It puzzles me when people blame godly parents

for the bad choices of their children.

Godly parents whose children make bad choices are in enough pain

they don’t need to hear

that they didn’t care enough

or pray enough.


This is heavy on my mind today

I’m not sure why

I think it’s an accumulation of things and conversations over many years.


Cerwin and I have been there

especially when our children were young.

Even though we taught them against making bad choices

and were clear about things that were bad choices

they still made some bad choices.

Children and teenagers seem to do that.  

We weren’t perfect

but don’t tell us that we didn’t care enough

or pray enough.


My parents did a great job of teaching their children about the truth of the Bible.

They took us to a church where we heard truth.

But I still made some bad choices

and I certainly don’t blame God or the church or my parents.

I am the one to blame when I make a mistake.

I am the one who is on a continual learning curve.

I’m seventy-two and I am still learning about the results of bad choices.

I worry when I should let it with God.

I say things I shouldn’t when I am upset.

It’s not God’s fault – or my parents.

It’s my fault

because I know God’s Word

I know that I am not supposed to worry – ever.

I know that I am supposed to be kind – always.


This is just a reminder to pray for parents

especially godly parents

who are living through the results of a child’s bad choice.

Pray for them.

Encourage them.

Bless them.

Love them.

Don’t blame them.

4 thoughts on “Blame

  1. Thank you, Doris. My youngest daughter is going through a hard time now. She’s making progress though. She admitted she needs help for her addiction to pain pills. She spent 2 days in a hospital, and now is home getting counseling and attending a support group. It’s hard to know when the praying stops and the worrying begins. At night I tell the Lord He’s on night watch. Then I think about Him or sing hymns in my head until I fall asleep. God is good.

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