Penryn Mud Sale – Post 3 of 3

Saturday, March 19


DSC_9127The Craft Tent – continued.



DSC_9131My lunch purchase: coffee and a small order of French fries

DSC_9132Then back to the Craft Tent to enjoy it and watch the auction.





DSC_9138I took a few more pictures as I walked to my car. These guys were taking someone’s purchase to their vehicle.

DSC_9141These three were on their way to look for another job.

DSC_9142An outside auction

DSC_9143Another one

DSC_9145…and another one

DSC_9146There are auctions everywhere…

DSC_9148…and they are selling almost anything.

DSC_9149Need a wheel?

DSC_9152The fire engines are in areas away from the fire hall in case they are needed.

DSC_9155As I was leaving our niece’s property – where I park because it is close to the mud sale – these two came coasting down the road – heading toward the mud sale.

Penryn is a small village – with a population that multiplies many times over on the day of the mud sale. The local church parking lots are full as busses shuttle people to and from the mud sale.

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