To Honor Timothy & Barnabas

Not from the Bible – but my friend’s cats.

1I took this picture for Inge, to show her that the daffodils she planted last fall – over Timothy’s grave in our back yard – were up and soon ready to bloom.

3-12 (1)

3-12 (2)She was here a few days later – to go along to Bill Rumpf’s Memorial service in Huntington Valley – and saw the daffodils for herself.

3-18 (3)Then several days later she came with the ashes of Timothy’s brother, Barnabas.

3-18 (5)I don’t think I ever saw an animal’s ashes.

I am not sure what a pet funeral director is called, but this one certainly cared for Barnabas’ ashes with tenderness.

3-18 (7)

3-18 (9)Inge put his ashes next to Timothy’s gravesite.

Timothy was buried in December 2014 before the ground was frozen. Since the ground was frozen several weeks ago when Barnabas died, Inge had him cremated.

3-18 (12)

3-18 (15)Barnabas’ paw print

12-12-06-25[1]I took this picture of Barnabas and Timothy in 2006 when we had dinner at Inge’s apartment.

DSC_9187Inge, this is what one of the daffodils looks like today.

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