Sunday School Class Lunch

Sunday, March 6

SS Class (1)The committee did a fabulous job of creating a beautiful spring-like atmosphere.

SS Class (2)We gathered in the fellowship hall following our morning church service.

SS Class (3)

SS Class (4)

SS Class (5)

SS Class (6)Arlene talking to Doris who experienced a lot of serious health issues recently.

SS Class (7)The salad area.

We also had soup – which I did not photograph.

SS Class (8)One of the desserts.

SS Class (9)When we were finished eating, Glenn, Ira, and Ruthie shared about their recent mission trips.

SS Class (10)Glenn sharing his story while Ruthie and Ira waited for their turn.

We had to leave before Ruthie and Ira were finished because we had a 2 PM appointment at a niece’s (and future nephew) wedding shower.

I will show you those pictures tomorrow night.

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