Pine Tree Down & RD’s For Supper

Saturday, February 27

DSC_8459We had a wind storm in our area a few days earlier, and because this old, ratty pine tree is at the northeast corner of our house – in the back – we did not even notice that it was down for a few days.

DSC_8465On Friday evening Cerwin messaged Ian to ask if he, Jared, and Jesse could come at 10:00 the next morning to help dismantle the trunk and branches. They were happy to help.

DSC_8468Jere (their dad) called about 9 AM the next day to ask if they could come early. They were so anxious to help Grandpa. 🙂

I love the enthusiasm of young boys.

DSC_8471They loved using saws, shovels, and things that made them feel like lumberjacks.

We gave them lunch – chicken patties – and allowed them some fun time in the man cave where they played a few X-box racing games until it was time to go home.

DSC_8472We had an evening appointment with Roy and Deb at RD’s.

DSC_8475This time it was to enjoy a meal with Roy’s mom, Barb, and his sister, Mary, who were visiting from Florida. It was fun to catch up on their lives.

DSC_8476Deb had pre-ordered a homemade apple pie – made by RD’s mom, Mame. Yum!

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