The Last Day of Our Mini Vacation

Three Weeks Ago – Sunday, February 21

The Pines (1)The early morning view outside our motel window in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

The Pines (2)Photos in our room

The Pines (3)

The Pines (4)Daylight view from the window

The Pines (5)We enjoyed the view during our drive from Wyomissing to Allentown while listening to our own church service – via cell phone.

The Pines (6)Cerwin wanted to drive by the Mack Museum near Allentown. I enjoyed that because we got off the interstate. I am a backroad kind of lady who is married to an interstate kind of man – so I treasure any drive that gets us off the interstate for awhile.

The Pines (7)These Canada geese were resting comfortably until we stopped.

The Pines (8)

The Pines (9)

The Pines (10)I enjoyed seeing many old barns on this drive.

The Pines (11)Our destination was this quaint dinner theatre in Allentown.

The Pines (12)I enjoy dinner theatres, so this stood out to me when looking for something to do.

The Pines (13)The price of our ticket included iced tea, hot tea or coffee, a garden salad, fresh baked bread, an entrée, and dessert.

Cerwin chose Pan Seared Honey Dijon Pork Loin with Rosemary Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans. I chose Fettuccini Alfredo with Steamed Broccoli.

Everything was delicious.

The Pines (14)Our dessert – Hot Apple Crisp and Vanilla Ice Cream

The Pines (15)When the hostess saw my camera, she asked to take our picture.

The Pines (16)The hostess – standing – visiting other guests while we waited for the play to begin.

The Pines (17)The production was funny and serious because it featured the awkwardness of a dating couple, then their marriage – which went from romance to anger and an impending separation, then back to romance again because of The Book of Love.

Photos were not allowed during this play. When I checked with the hostess, she said sometimes photos are allowed – it depends on the contract. She said the cast members will be in the entrance area after the play and enjoy having their pictures taken.

The Pines (18)They did enjoy photos!

The Pines (19)There were only three actors. The couple in the play are on the left. Their real names are Stephanie and Taylor. Gene is on the right. He played a variety of characters who “assisted” in bringing romance to their marriage. 🙂

We didn’t know what to expect when making reservations at a place unknown to us, but we were pleasantly pleased.

The Pines (20)We were delighted to see a large flock of snow geese on our drive home.

The Pines (21)

The Pines (22)

The Pines (23)The deterioration of Mother High’s health was breaking our hearts.

It is exhausting to sit by a loved one who is dying – even when she lived a good, long life – and we knew where she was going.

There are other life-issues that are breaking our hearts as well.

It is emotionally exhausting to pray – sometimes most of the night – for things that are going on in our lives and that of friends and family members.

Some days I feel surrounded by painful stories of loneliness, bitterness, selfishness, and unfaithfulness.

That is when I’m glad that I am a “resurrection person” who believes in victory over death – and power over all the sinful attitudes that come to us from satan.


It was a great mini-vacation – refreshing our bodies, spirits, and souls, but by evening we were back to reality as we visited Cerwin’s mother. It would be her last Sunday on earth.

6 thoughts on “The Last Day of Our Mini Vacation

  1. Yes, I hear many sad stories, but their is a loving Lord who would help if humbly a sked.

    Loved your photos. I love dinner shows. They have them in Hawaii.

    You have been through a lot.



  2. It sounds as if that mini-vacation was just what you needed — something away from the trials of daily life and family issues! I love the geese, and what fun to see the flocks of Snow Geese!

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