Saying Goodbye to Mother High

Friday, March 4 and Saturday, March 5

I am posting a few highlights from Mother’s viewing and funeral (yesterday and today) – then when the other pictures come up in my rotation, I will show you the rest.

DSC_8487This was the day we said goodbye to the body that Mother lived in while here on earth. I took this picture before the viewing began last night.

I told Cerwin that this will be a first for him as he will be standing at the head of the line – next to the casket. There has always been a parent between us and the casket. Now we are both “orphans.” I tell my step-mother, Velma, that she keeps us from feeling totally orphaned. 🙂

Many of us said, we would love to know what Mother is seeing and doing. She had many dreams (visions) of Heaven in recent weeks – and often told us about them.

A few weeks ago she said her friend, Mildred Weaver, who went to Heaven several years ago, was showing her around a beautiful place and said, “You should come here and live with us.” Mother replied, “It looks expensive.”

Then she woke up and said, “I was still in my bed, and realized that Mildred was showing me around Heaven.”

After she died, Cerwin said, “Now she is enjoying that expensive place.” 🙂

…and it was all paid by Jesus.

DSC_8504Her children: Elvin, Cerwin, Velda, and Doris

DSC_8497With their spouses: Elvin, Pat, Cerwin, Me, Mel, Velda, Bob, and Doris

We laughed and cried this weekend. We did pretty good until our children and grandchildren went by the casket to say their final goodbyes.

It was difficult to say goodbye – even though we know she is no longer in that 98+-year-old-body.

Then we joined those who had already filled the sanctuary of Erb Mennonite Church and delighted in the memories and thoughts shared by David High, III, Lester Zimmerman, and Jim Leaman – and cried through a few of her favorite songs.

DSC_8540After Mike Zimmerman shared a few more memories and thoughts at her gravesite, many of the grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren released fifty colorful balloons to signify the release of her spirit and soul.

DSC_8552Release of the spirit and soul of our godly mother and grandmother – what a beautiful thought.


Yes, we needed coats. It was cold outside.

DSC_8564Grandchildren and spouses

DSC_8571While we were getting the grandchildren and their spouses together, we asked the great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren to go around the corner and get assembled for their picture – tall in the back, short in the front.

Okay, everyone. Smile. I guess Jere felt a need to lighten the mood. 🙂 Just before we took the first picture, he ran in front of them – waving his arms – causing lots of laughter and giggles.

DSC_8585Most of the great-grandchildren were at the funeral. I think only two were missing.

DSC_8594About the time we thought we had our shots of the great-grandchildren, two mothers hurried into the setting with their little children. 🙂 Notice baby Daisy in Elizabeth’s arms – front left – and Bryson – second from the right in the front row.

We learned later in the day that mother’s next great-grandchild, will be a boy, and his name is Caleb Joshua High. He will be born in July and is Bryson’s baby brother.

DSC_8623Following the meal we got the three great-great-grandchildren to pose for us.

DSC_8628Owen and Audrina know each other because they are cousins – both are Mel and Velda’s great-grandchildren. Anthony is our great-grandson and a second cousin to them.

DSC_8636I guess Owen thought it was time to get acquainted, and pulled Anthony a bit closer. 🙂

DSC_8640Oh, what a series of days.

If you were there yesterday or today – thank you. We were encouraged and blessed by the many, many friends who came to hug us, share their memories, and offer their sympathy.

Thank you also for the online condolences and beautiful cards that continue to arrive in the mailbox.

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  1. A wonderful set of photos for the memory books! I’ve been thinking of you this weekend, but couldn’t let you know because my computer was out of sorts!

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