Travel Pictures from the Blustery Day in Mid-February

Saturday, February 13

DSC_8091On our way to go out for supper, we came upon this back-country road where the snow was blowing – making traffic rather slow and at times hazardous.




DSC_8096Before long the two-lane road became one lane.


DSC_8101When we met traffic coming the other way, several of us pulled in the driveway of an Amish family. While we waited for traffic to pass by the lane, the Amish family needed to leave, so went out their lane – via the field.


DSC_8104We soon caught up to them, as they were traveling in the same direction.



DSC_8109As we approached a stop sign, traffic was no longer moving, so they went up over the bank into the field.

DSC_8111The second buggy followed them.

DSC_8112Maybe the plow will help the stalled traffic.

DSC_8113While we waited, the Amish buggies were on the way to their destination – probably smiling because we modern English people with cars had to stay on the road. 🙂

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