Great American Outdoor Show – Part 2 of 2

Monday, February 8

After the falconry program in the Small Arena, Cerwin joined me for the Archery Show by Chris Brackett

Part 2 (1)

Part 2 (2)Breaking a balloon

Part 2 (3)

Part 2 (4)I’m not sure what he was hitting here, but he shot small balls and Lifesavers.

Part 2 (5)A taxidermist’s display

Part 2 (6)I wanted Cerwin to see the dog competition.

Part 2 (7)This time the show was competition on which dog jumped the farthest..

Part 2 (8)

Part 2 (9)Waiting for the command to go.

Part 2 (10)

Part 2 (11)Waiting

Part 2 (12)

Part 2 (13)

Part 2 (14)

Part 2 (15)

Part 2 (16)Don’t want to jump

Part 2 (17)I am not going

Part 2 (18)This one was ready to go!

Part 2 (19)Not going

Part 2 (20)A great jump

Part 2 (21)It was a good day for me.

After getting home we freshened up a bit then went to Jere and Kristen’s for a birthday supper.

Part 2 (22)Josh’s choice was Stromboli – which was homemade by his mom.

Part 2 (23)He also wanted hot wings.

Everything was delicious.

Part 2 (24)The birthday “twins” – Josh was 21 and I was 72.

Part 2 (25)

Part 2 (26)

Part 2 (27)Birthday presents for Josh

Part 2 (28)It was a delightful, Interesting, and delicious birthday.

4 thoughts on “Great American Outdoor Show – Part 2 of 2

  1. That second shot is pretty impressive, Doris — first the archer hit the balloon, but even more impressive, you got the timing perfectly to catch the action! Glad it was a happy birthday for you and Josh!

  2. Happy Birthday to both of you–looks like a nice time for both of you. You are so young.

    The dogs are fun and amazing.

    Love the way you and your family enjoy food.



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